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Hairstyles 2008 Tips: Celebrity Red Carpet Hairstyles Will Set The Trends

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Celebrities are gorgeous and their Hairstyles are glowing in the spotlight almost every day of their charmed lives. It is left up to them to lay down the trends in clothing, jewelry and hairstyles in 2008. It sounds like the celebs have spoken, and the number one most popular Hairstyle for fancy dress occasions this year is slated to be the pull back hairstyle.

The pull back hairstyle is any of a number of styles in which long hair is pulled back above the neckline and fixed together in a unique hair piece. This year, the focus of this style with be slightly asymmetrical and non conforming. While the sides of the hairstyle will be straight and smooth, the back chignon will be packed with ringlets of curls. This hairstyle will appear to have small wisps of hair haphazardly framing the face, but they will be purposefully placed there, via a careful cutting technique.

Hair ornaments will not play a big part in this year's Celebrity Hairstyles. Hollywood seems to be adapting the green trend and applying it to hair styling, as well. Many celeb pull back hair designs have featured no hair jewelry at all. The hair seems to simply hold itself, as if bound only by nature.

In 2008, celebrities plan to wisp their hairstyles behind them and focus on what appears in front of them. Even though Short Hair Styles will be retained by some celebs, and Medium Hairstyles will appear here and there, the pull back hairstyle will hold sway among most celebrities, with careful wisps cut to frame the face. Nature will take over, and hair jewelry will fade away. Check with for more hairstyle news!