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Sunday, Oct. 10, 2004

The Weekly Roundup – Week 41


Week 41 of 2004 sees great news for people in those areas in Africa which are stricken with war or disease. People in Uganda saw dozens of abductees returned to their families (4 Oct) while no less than 644 Liberian children were reuntied with their families!
Sarah McLachlan and the crew of her video clip work for free. Among many other projects this ensures medications for 5000 people for 6 months in Kenya. And that while the UN starts the first of three mass vaccination campaigns against polio.

At the same time it cannot but be a help, and an inspiration for all, to see someone like Kermit Washington do what he can to make this world a better place right here, right now.

Florida & Hurricanse

Hurricane stricken Florida also gets it fair share of good news. Just one group of volunteers has already served more that 2.1 million free meals while otherwise aid-reluctant USA President George Bush takcs on $877 million to the existing relief funds. After the House sanctified it that means no less that $14.5 billion both for hurricane victims as well as disaster stricken farmers.

Financial relief in the USA wasn’t limited to disaster victims this week either has the House passed the Working Families Tax Relief Act, ensuring that no less that 93 million people get to have a much sunnier tax outlook in 2005. Hidden in that bill is critical assistance to military families in combat zones. Something you ought to care about no matter how you feel politically.


In week 41 children aren’t only featuring in the role of rescued children, they are our heroes. Fromkids help charity to the case of an 8 year old saves sister’s live.

Many kids got saved or helped again this week.
An amazing true story of a 20 months old toddler saved after a 5 mile walk.
A cancer-stricken 11 y.o girl gets video cam back – while the money meant to find the cam goes to charity.
A kidnapped 9 month old baby is returned to the parents, the hostage taker in security.
And common heroes save children on school bus or save children from carbon monoxide.

Amazing Rescues

Among the amazing rescues we have a 67 year old man saved after hours of treading water as well as a Parkison patient saved after 2 1/2 days stuck in mud.


Animals weren’t less lucky.

A deer survived 25 mile stuck to the bumper of the very car which hit it. Days before a stolen alligator was returned home.

Common Heroes

It’s always hard to find the True Common Hero: there are so many of them.

This week it is easy though: the 12 year old girl saving her baby brother by calling out for help was amazing. No doubt the teens helping their friends after they plunged form an unexpected height rank right up there as well.
Finally, saving a bus load of school kids ain’t bad either.

Heroes who help us

The mention of the week has to go to the cops who took on a manchete crazy man.

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