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California is the state with the highest number of vehicles in the United States. Californians love their vehicles and love to drive. To help protect the consumer, California has enacted the CA Lemon Law which applies to vehicles that dealerships are not able to repair within the warranty period despite opportunities to fix the problem.

Given the large appetite for vehicles, no wonder California has its share of unscrupulous auto dealers. This comes with the territory. The Lemon Law provides the consumer with the right to demand a complete replacement of the vehicle from the manufacturer, or the manufacturer has to buy back the vehicle or pay-off the loan on the vehicle.

Should a consumer encounter such a problem with a dealership, one should find a reputable California Lemon Law Lawyer. The law requires that there is no out of pocket expense for a meritorious case for the consumer. As a result, most California Lemon Law Attorneys will take a case completely on a no-fee basis as the legal fees are required to be paid by the manufacturer.

Whether it is a Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorneys case or a Bay Area case, Bickel Law Firm Inc. is one of the more reputable and well established Lemon law Firm. With offices in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Bickel Law Firm can handle cases statewide in California. Free consultation is available either by toll-free phone or in person.

A vehicle is a big investment for most Californians and there should be someone to ensure that manufacturers comply with the warranties. The Lemon Law intends to keep manufacturers and dealers in check and the Bickel Law Firm helps consumers enforce the law.