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According to the National Center for Health Statistics, it is estimated that 40% - 50% of all American marriages will end in divorce. These statistics can certainly scare anyone thinking of entering in to marriage and can shake the couples who are currently in a marriage and experiencing marriage problems. Many people who are experiencing these problems begin wondering when and if divorce has become necessary in their relationship. My recommendation first and foremost is that you and your spouse try for at least one year to work through your problems. Through my Marriage Fitness Program, I offer a variety of self-guided and/or one-on-one marriage help programs, to help you and your spouse create and maintain love and communication. I began Marriage Fitness with the intent of it being an alternative to traditional marriage counseling.

•  Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp - All materials including CD's, workbooks and more. Tele-Seminars and One-on-One Private Phone Sessions are also included.

•  Marriage Fitness Home-Flex - If your circumstances do not allow you to wait until the next Tele-Boot Camp, such as the last chance to stop divorce from happening. The Tele-Boot Camp and Home-Flex are very similar; the only differences are private contact with me and time availability.

•  Marriage Fitness Audio Learning Program - The Audio Learning Program includes 5 CD's and is considered the perfect program for those on a budget.

•  1-on-1 Private Sessions - The One-on-One sessions can take place in my office in Baltimore if you live in the area, private phone sessions, or intensive "house calls."

Even if you and/or spouse have previously obtained the help of marriage counselors, these programs can be beneficial.