6 Year Old Alarm Raiser My Hero, Says Mum

Published: March 18, 2009 | 7397th good news item since 2003

Just as he was getting ready for school his mom collapsed right in front of his eyes.

But 6 year old Owen Stanley didn’t panic. Instead, he called emergency services which rushed an ambulance to help out.

“I’ve not been so well for a couple of months, then came down with a bug on Sunday, which didn’t help.

When I got up on Monday, I didn’t feel well at all and knew something was going to happen. I kept asking Owen ‘have you got mummy’s phone?’ ‘Mummy doesn’t feel very well’, as I felt myself getting worse.

The next thing I knew I was waking up in hospital. Apparently I had collapsed and Owen, just in his underpants went running across to my neighbour saying his mummy needs an ambulance.

It was she who called for help. Owen was so brave and didn’t cry or panic.

But the fact that he knew what to do is amazing and I have never explained what to do in those situations. It’s scary enough for me in that situation, let alone a little boy. I’m just so proud of him.”
— Deborah Stanley, 32

Deborah’s blood sugar and blood pressure had been extremely low and her body had gone into shock.

She’s expected to recover enough to attend a Mother’s Day school project.

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