Horror Show Miracle Dog Happy, Healthy, Finds Home

Published: March 10, 2009 | 7395th good news item since 2003

Gideon is a white German shepherd dog. Animal Control Officers found her in November 2008 near a trash bin in Santa Ana.

He’d been hit by a car. Hit and dragged. On his left side an 18 inch swath of skin was stripped off, muscles and bones exposed.

The wound was a couple of days old; maggots lived in the wound…

And yet he was kind to people. When approached he would wag his tail and look happy.

The pet rescue group “Coastal German Shepherd Rescue” rushed him to Matthew Wheaton, a veterinarian, where he was described as “something from a horror show”; his wounds were that bad.

He received plasma transfusions, pain medications, table sugar packed to his wound to encourage the granulation of new tissue. He was doing so well, fighting so hard, they named him Gideon, meaning “strength”.

After a local newspaper ran a story on Gideon financial aid started to come in a steady drip.

“We would go to the P.O. box and find 75 envelopes with checks inside.

Some were for as little as seven dollars, some included touching notes and stories of their own pets.

We raised more than $12,000, every dollar that was needed to pay for Gideon’s care.”
— Tiffany Norton, co-founder “Coastal German Shepherd Rescue”

Although many offered to adopt Gideon, none followed through.

None but Bob and Marilyn Collier of Yorba Linda. Over the months of Gideon’s stay at the vet they visited regularly, checking in to see how things were going.

Gideon’s wound has now been closed through a pedicle grafting procedure and the once thin 49 pound dog weighs a healthy 75 pounds.

He’s very happy to live with the Colliers who had to move quite a bit of stuff around in their house as one thing hasn’t changed; Gideon’s ever-wagging happy tale.

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