Adults and 3 Year Old Child Rescued from River

Published: March 10, 2009 | 7391st good news item since 2003

No less than three people were rescued from a river in Tuscaloosa County.

Two were adults, one a three year old child.

The sheriff’s office reported that a car had gotten involved in an accident last Saturday and as a result had plunged into the Sipsey River.

Police officers arriving on the scene noticed that the two adult inhabitants of the card had been able to get out and were sitting on the roof of the car. The adults warned the officers that a three year old child was still trapped in the car.

Approaching the car they didn’t see the child

Emergency services arrived, illuminating the area and the surface of the water to help the officers get to and find the child.

The search was extended in a 300 yard radius when one of the deputies saw the child floating on the water.

He brought the child back to the bank of the river where volunteer firefighters performed CPR. Medics brought the child to the hospital.

The child is said to be out of harm.

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