Toddler Survives 3 Story Hotel Window Fall

Published: February 9, 2009 | 7350th good news item since 2003

Shelby Alexander, 23, and her grandparents had rented a room at the Bavarian Inn Lodge for a nice weekend getaway. Shelby’s 18 month old daughter Aerieana was with them, of course.

Police Officer Gregory Rehmann, a guest too at the hotel and trained as a medical first responder, was relaxing next to the pool when two women ran into the court. One of them was yelling “My baby! My baby!”

“He went to the edge of the pool. He saw no child there, but he happened to see (Hathaway) lying on a walkway and realized what had happened.

The baby was crying, which is usually a fairly good sign, but it could be an indication of something serious, too.

You have to be careful not to misinterpret those things. Our people were there in less than three minutes, so she was treated right away.

My goodness, what a fall … When we have someone who falls from that distance, being the third floor, it certainly warrants concern on everyone’s part.”
— Donald C. Mawer, Police Chief Frankenmuth

The toddler has fallen an estimated 20-25 feet but didn’t harm her spinal cord or neck.

The initial swelling of the brain, always a serious concern wit head injuries, has decreased a lot. She’s also breathing good enough that doctors are considering removing the ventilator.

“There is an immense sense of relief in the family, but there is still a long row to hoe.

She is still a very ill little girl, and it sounds like she will probably be there for a significant period of time.

We all have children. When something like this happens, you feel it so deeply within yourself. When you see a small child … it hits you right to the soul.”
— Jim Engel, manager Bavarian Inn Lodge, after visiting the family in the hospital

Aerieana’s family is calling her their “miracle angel”.

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