Father’s Quick Action Saves Kid’s Life

Published: December 2, 2008 | 7323rd good news item since 2003

When 2 1/2 year old Shay Asser’s ear infection induced fever went too high, it triggerred a fit which stopped him from breathing.

His father, Brian, 32, went into first-aid auto pilot.

“Shay was lying on the floor having a fit.

I picked him up and ran downstairs with him, but by that time he wasn’t breathing and his lips and face were purple.

I learned how to do resuscitation years ago from St John’s Ambulance, but I had never used it. Somehow I remembered what to do. I think I was on auto-pilot.

I got two breaths into him and he started choking and threw up, then he started breathing.
Brian Asser

Paramedics arriving on the scene then injected the boy with muscle stimulants, effectively waking him up.

Dad is being hailed a hero not just by his wife but by the ambulance spokeswoman as well.

“This shows just how important first aid skills are in the home. We hope Shay is well again and praise Mr Asser for helping to save his son’s life”

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