Dog & Doc’s Sudden Miracle Reunion

Published: November 29, 2008 | 7321st good news item since 2003

But the rubble bloke and his girlfriend were just coming back from a short holiday when they received a phone call from the kennel: Bailey, his beloved lab/rottweiler blend, had escaped from The Pink Poodle Farm.

The search and spend the next 10 days looking for Bailey. In the Salinas region where Bailey was on the loose and was very possible that he would end up being eaten by a mountain lion.

Thursday Bailey showed up again. Where she’s beennobody knows but people have seen her as far as Prunedale to Boronda.

Meanwhile both to bloke has met a lot of caring people.

Among them “dog Angel” Darla Smith. X’s; she helps find most canines.

It was at 5 PM on Thanksgiving that he was hanging up a few more flyers, feeling very discouraged. That is for cell phone rang: Bailey was back.

As suddenly as she has disappeared as suddenly she reappeared. She had walked into the office with her tail between her legs and a very guilty look on her face.

When bloke ran into the office baby was so disoriented from being undernourished she didn’t recognize we watch all stop until he said her name; then she became very excited.

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