Rescue Missions Serve Thanksgiving Dinner with Dignity

Published: November 27, 2008 | 7315th good news item since 2003

Thanksgiving dinners are given out and shared across the USA.

Volunteers in Lebanon County in the USA started to prepare for the Thanksgiving dinner already on Tuesday.

Erma BLatt block for example was peeling small brown potatoes.

Blatt is considered one of effect from full imagine the community: she’s been 18 years with the Red Cross Lebanon County Christian ministries are now helps out the Lebanon rescue mission.

“I bring my own knife to peel. You can get it done a lot faster with a paring knife.

Whatever I can do to help make someone else’s day, makes my day.”

Erma and seven other volunteers will prepare today’s Thanksgiving dinner which is expected to be given to 150 to 200 people.

Paul topping, the missions director, said that preparations had actually started even earlier then Tuesday. Sunday volunteers were cooking turkeys. Monday volunteers were stripping the meat of the balls for hours.

Children from the new covenant Christian schools also chipped in. The hird graders made napkin holders.

Ingredients for the complete Thanksgiving dinner includes 14 turkeys, 9 gallons of vegetables and 150 pounds of potato filling.

For at least 50 years the rescue mission has been serving Thanksgiving dinners. But then the tend to be a cross-section of the people from Lebanon County.

In Charla, North Carolina, that Charlotte rescue Mission holds one of the biggest Thanksgiving dinners.

A big part of their Thanksgiving dinner is prepared by Charla families who delivered homemade desserts and goodies.

They’ll serve over 800 meals.

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