Mother Of One Expected To Die Makes Full Recovery

Published: November 26, 2008 | 7313th good news item since 2003

A 53-year-old mother from the UK has merit jealously recovered from a two-week coma after a car accident in which she suffered such severe injuries that doctors expected her to die.

Carol Beaumont, a home care assistant, was hit by a car as she crossed the road after visiting an elderly patient.

“I remember being terrified and fighting off the paramedics as they tried to put a neck brace on me. After that, it is a complete blank.

The next thing I knew was waking up in Huddersfield Royal Infirmary the next day with my daughter Laura there.

It is the first time I have ever been in hospital as a patient but everyone there was wonderful to me.

If it hadn’t been for them and my friends and family who have constantly been coming round, all this would have been so much harder.

Laura’s been great, helping me around the house. It even hurts putting the dishwasher on.

Everything hurts, everything aches, but I know I am really lucky.

All my family have told me how close I came to dying. It is a miracle I’m okay and it is still sinking in, even now. I’m still very shaky and it hurts to move.

I’ve been given two Zimmer frames by the hospital. I feel like I’m about 96.”
— Carol Beaumont

The accident that left Mrs. Beaumont with a fractured skull and pelvis and a chipped spine.

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