State Trooper’s Miracle Recovery

Published: November 25, 2008 | 7306th good news item since 2003

March this year Steve code was working on his tractor. He was clearing the way for fans, pushing bushes and small trees out of the way.

A large six-inch lights, 7 foot long link broke loose and hits the format.

Striking him hard on the right side of this hat, internally it calls the brain to hit against the left side of his skull. This is fairly damaged areas in the brain that control speech and memory.

The damage was so extensive he was unable to recognize his family.

Unlike his ordinary routine state trooper Ray Hall was the trolling close to Steve foods property that day. All recognized how serious the situation was. He called in a helicopter crew, using his GPS to bring the helicopter in.

Just days before a helicopter flight crew had met with state troopers to talk about procedures for calling them in directly in situations like this.

Steve’s been nine days in the critical care unit. His wife and state troopers kept guard.

When he came by he was transferred to the Methodist Rehabilitation Center in Jackson. About 10 days into his stay there, something just clicked.

His speech still weak he began asking questions.

Just a week later he was able to put on his uniform by himself and attend the ceremony where Gov. Haley Barbour honored his friend state trooper Ray Hall.

His subsequent rehabilitation when Sophos you started to beat the therapies that the rehab games.

Now, eight months later, Steve has bought back on the road as a state Highway Patrol trooper.

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