World Kindness Day

Published: November 13, 2008 | 7272nd good news item since 2003

November searching his world kindness they. Every day we as citizens celebrate what we should be doing every day of the year.

It’s a day that challenges us to do more than what we do a days.

Terry Wells remembers second grade class which showed that most children won’t be kind to each other.

“A few years ago, we were doing a lesson that required crayons. One student from across the room needed to borrow a yellow crayon and soon that question was heard by a student sitting beside my desk. This particular child was usually the one asking to borrow things for class, but it happened that this day the student had a new box of crayons. When he heard the need, he immediately offered his yellow crayon.
There are many times I’ve noticed when a student holds the door open for a teacher or has helped the student who has just dropped his box of supplies. So often in elementary school, it is all about the ‘yellow crayon,’ the simple stuff.”
— Terri Wells, Glasgow Alumni Association

but that kind of students go beyond the normal recollection of kindness as well. Their actions bring compassion to an entire community.

Such is the case for example with Brenda Taylor who did work for Locks of Love, the American Heart Association and other charities.

“She does these things because she has a warm heart,” Heralds said. “All of the activities Brenna has been involved in were needs observed by her. Many of the things she did took extra effort and initiative to begin and were not adult inspired.”
— Delanna Heralds, teacher

and naturally it’s not just children who can perform acts of kindness or pay it forward. Helping each other out definitely something for adults as well.

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