Angel Food Ministry provides affordable food in Lehigh Valley

Published: November 13, 2008 | 7270th good news item since 2003

With the cost of groceries continuing to rise Angel Food Ministry is an organization which tries to help families to get solid, nutritious food for roughly half of the cost of buying it in the supermarket.

Operating through local churches across the USA Angel Food Ministry has also grown in Lehigh Valley over the last years.

Unlike many other charitable programs that Angel Food Ministry program is open to anyone. There is no minimum or maximum income requirement: there’s no need to prove anything. This is done so that people don’t feel you really hate it. Other programs at times require people to show their bills, their income, proof their budget.

Mostly “menus” are circulated by form pairs. They also take orders and unload the trailers of food. A typical menu includes meat and dairy products as well as frozen vegetables. $25-$30 will buy you a box of food worth around 60-65 dollar. There is no limit on the number of boxes that a family or a person can order.

Apart from the wreck alert mostly menu boxes there are also special books as was meat and chicken, fruit and vegetables. Special care is available for seniors which receive “senior” boxes. The senior books typically contains 10 heat and serve meals for the same price as a regular books.

To find an Angel Food Ministry outlet near you contact your local church.

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