Miracle terrier survives in eight-inch underground pipe

Published: July 15, 2008 | 7206th good news item since 2003

A dog survived an incredible seven days trapped inside an eight-inch underground pipe after running away during a walk.

Amazingly, Timmy the Terrier was rescued in almost perfect health from the narrow pipe.

The pet had gone missing after running off to chase rabbits during a walk near his home in Cheshire on 4 July.

Mrs Whittle and her husband Mark frantically searched fields surrounding their home in Whitchurch Road, Combermere, Cheshire, but for seven days there was no sign of Timmy.

After seven days, The couple decided to use their other dog Meg in the search and she led them to a sewerage pipe next to a riverbed.

Mr Whittle said: ‘Angie was sure she could hear Timmy inside, so we phoned a friend who is an ex-fireman and he came down with us to try and get him out.

‘Along with the farmer whose land it was, we managed to dig down 10ft and found the 8in wide steel pipe.

‘It was only when we cut the pipe that we realised the sound had travelled and Timmy was actually about 20m or 30m away from where we thought he was.’

After five hours of trying unsuccessfully to rescue the dog, the couple called in the RSPCA and the Fire and Rescue Service.

RSPCA officer Claire Davis said: ‘I assessed the scene and verified there was really an animal in the pipe and soon afterwards a fire crew arrived.

‘They started work at 10.15pm and Timmy was finally pulled out unhurt by one of the firefighters at about 1.30am.’

Timmy was immediately treated by an emergency vet for a slight eye infection, but was otherwise unharmed by his ordeal.

Mr Whittle added: ‘It was my birthday on Friday July 11 – the day we got him out of the tunnel – and getting Timmy back was the best birthday present I could hope for.’

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