Supercop, Bystander Called Heroes In Bank Robber Chase

Published: July 10, 2008 | 7192nd good news item since 2003

An off-duty Cleveland police officer with 35 years on the job chased down a bank robbery suspect with the help of a woman bystander, and now both of them are being called heroes.

The police union said Jim Simone is the most decorated officer in the history of the Cleveland Police Department, a facto that has earned him the title “Supercop.”

“He loves the city of Cleveland, he loves working for the people, and he loves putting bad guys away,” said union President Steve Loomis.

Simone was off-duty when he happened upon a bank robbery on Wednesday, and he once again sprang into action. But at 60 years old, Supercop is no spring chicken, and 35 years on the job has taken its toll.

“He’s been shot, I think he’s been shot twice. He’s been hit by a car a few times just since I’ve been on the job,” said Loomis.

Simone is still recovering after a man allegedly hit him with a car last month.

The robber of the Fulton Road bank had a head start, and when it looked like Simone wouldn’t catch him, another hero swooped in to help.

Police said the woman, identified only as Tina, was driving by when she spotted Simone chasing the suspect and offered him a ride.

Police said Simone was forced to fire on 35-year-old Robert Hackworth, who was reaching into a stolen pickup truck, a sign of danger for police.

Police said Tina gave Simone the backup he needed.

“If he did catch up to him on foot and he was winded it would have been a tragic situation also, so we just can’t say enough for Tina,” Loomis said.

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