Angel Food Ministries Program Helps People Save on Food

Published: July 7, 2008 | 7162nd good news item since 2003

In these times, people don’t have to be out of work or in debt to feel the economic pinch of sky-high gas and food prices. One church ministry group is offering a way to get a lot more money out of those grocery dollars.

Everyone is trying to save money at the grocery store these days, by buying store brands and inexpensive cuts of meat, but in the end, it all still adds up.

“I went to the grocery store recently and the amount I spent in food, for just me, I’m a single woman, versus what I was spending a year ago was just ridiculous,” said Areia Theus.

Many, like Theus, are looking for a way to save big and that may be through Angel Food Ministries.

“A friend of mine told me about it in Dallas, Texas and she spoke so highly of it I figured it was a great opportunity,” said Theus.

On a recent Saturday, Theus joined 20 people and picked up food at the Total Grace Christian Center in Decatur.

“What’s in the package would be a variety of meats such as pork ribs, pork riblets, steaks, and chicken,” said Theus.

The food was supplied by Angel Food Ministries which offers a monthly menu that includes meats, frozen foods and dry goods like pancake mix.

“I get a variety of foods that I can live off for at least three weeks to a month and the food is good,” said Tracey Gordon.

The food isn’t given away, but it’s greatly reduced. Clients said they were saving up to $40 a month.

“I’m on a fixed income and this is one way I can make sure my ends meet a little bit closer,” said Riva Annette Zwarick.

People can place orders through local churches and non-profit groups. The orders are filled by Angel Food Ministries, which purchases the items in bulk from major suppliers like Bird’s Eye and General Mills. Angel Food Ministries then ships the orders out all across the country.

“It’s not donated, it’s not seconds. It’s purchased straight from the manufacturer. It’s all USDA approved and inspected and it’s name brand top quality food,” Director Angel Food Ministries Mike Wood.

The program was started 14 years ago in Monroe, Georgia and now reaches 35 states. Wood said there are no restrictions on who can participate.

There are many churches and non-profits throughout Georgia that participate in the program.

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