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Published: June 9, 2008 | 7153rd good news item since 2003

A Baby boy who contracted killer disease meningitis at just one month old will celebrate his first birthday tomorrow.

Jake Crabtree is a little miracle to his family who were devastated to find he had the deadly infection so soon after he was born at Scunthorpe General Hospital.

Now, on the eve of his first birthday, three generations of his family have spoken about the frightening trauma.

They hope Jake has not suffered any permanent damage from the attack – and the signs are good.

Mum Victoria Crabtree (17), of Queen’s Crescent, Keadby, said: “When he was four to five weeks old, he had bacterial meningitis. It was awful, I cried.

“He had fluid taken from his spine and was put on antibiotics.

“The staff at Scunthorpe General Hospital were absolutely fantastic.

“It took him about 14 days to get back to himself.

“He’s been for further check-ups, he had a hearing test recently and that was fine.”

He has taken his first steps and started saying his first words.

When he fell ill, Jake did not immediately display the distinctive meningitis rash, but his family noticed he was not well.

Grandma Michelle Crabtree (33) said: “He hadn’t been his usual self and wouldn’t settle.

“It was my husband who said ‘take him to the hospital because there’s something not right’.

“He didn’t get the rash until two days after he was in hospital

“It’s not always the rash that comes first. They did tests on him and had him wired up to machines for two to three days.

“Doctors said he could have learning disabilities when he gets older, and at the moment his immune system has completely gone.

“I don’t think he will have learning difficulties because he picks things up quickly.”

Victoria, who is expecting her second child this Christmas, stayed in hospital with her baby for 10 days and the family’s experience of both the birth and the illness has been written down to help anyone else going through the same situation.

Michelle said: “When Victoria gave birth to him I made an information website about teenage pregnancies and put a meningitis advice section on there when he was diagnosed.”

Great-grandma Norma Eaton (53) said: “It was devastating news at the time. Worry, stress you name it, it was there.

“It started off when he was poorly, while he was really ill for three to four days, we didn’t know what was going to happen.

“We wouldn’t like to put him through that again or see anybody else go through it because it’s not nice.

“When a friend of mine celebrated her 65th birthday, instead of having presents she organised a charity night and raised £500 for Disney Ward at Scunthorpe General Hospital where Jake was treated.”

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