Grandfather Hailed as Hero

Published: June 9, 2008 | 7152nd good news item since 2003

A little boy has a grandfather to thank for his life.

Raul Banasco saw a child in the waters of Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando during an event at the park Friday.

“I saw a little girl over on the deck sort of pointing into the water and she was like ‘oh he can’t swim’”, Banasco said. “At this point I saw some other adults on the edge along the line saying ‘look he can’t swim he’s going under’.”

With no regard for his safety or his own life Banasco jumped in and swam out to the little boy

“I didn’t think anything of it,” Banasco said. “I just threw my phones on the grass and jumped in.”

Banasco grabbed the little boy and pulled him in to safety.

“He was relieved,” Banasco said. “He knew he was in trouble and I guess someone grabbed him and that’s all he wanted to know that he was going to be safe”

Somehow the boy got away from his mother in the crowd. It’s believed she was in another part of the park looking for him when she saw the commotion and ran over.

The grandfather most are calling a hero is a supervisor at the Orange County Jail and said he’s trained to respond to emergencies.

Banasco didn’t get the little boy’s name or the name of his mother. He just hopes they can all meet one day under calmer and dryer conditions.

“I’m not a hero I’m a humble kind of person,” Banasco said. “I just did what I hope somebody else would’ve done for my own children or my grandchildren I was just doing what was the right thing to do.”

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