Stolen Puppy Returned Due to News Story

Published: June 5, 2008 | 7100th good news item since 2003

Good news, the puppy stolen from Pets Discount a few days ago has been returned to the store.

Employees said the dog was returned because of the attention from a story we aired on KGMB9.

A friend reportedly threatened to turn the thieves into police if they did not return the dog. Management says it got a call Sunday asking what would happen if they brought the pup back.

“I just told them all we need is the puppy, we don’t want to press charges if we get the puppy. We don’t want to know who brought it back,” said Kip Koshei.

Employees said about two hours later the puppy was found sitting in the store’s show case. They said the puppy appears to be okay and it already has a new owner and will be heading to its new home Monday.

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