UK Coastguard praises rescued divers

Published: June 4, 2008 | 7125th good news item since 2003

The actions of four divers who spent three hours drifting in heavy currents off the Donegal coast have been praised by the Irish Coastguard.

The divers, who had clipped themselves together, were rescued on Sunday after they swam towards land against a current sweeping them to Scotland.

Station officer Pat Lynch, from Malin Head coast guard, said the men had been “instrumental in their own rescue”.

The men, from the Sligo area, were rescued by the Greencastle lifeboat.

Speaking on Monday, Mr Lynch said: “They were tracking north easterly but swam in a southerly direction, and had they not done that, God only knows where they would have ended up.”

The drivers were carried five miles from their boat by a strong current and were drifting towards Scotland when a fishing boat spotted them.

They were then rescued by the Greencastle lifeboat.

Mr Lynch said the strong currents meant the men could have drifted a long way without being seen.

“They clipped themselves together, so instead of looking for four individual divers we were looking for one unit, which was a great thing as well.”

Mr Lynch said the divers only narrowly missed being rescued earlier.

He said that they passed a fishing boat but “the people on board were looking inshore, but they were offshore, and they didn’t see them”.

A total of 16 different groups of divers were in the water off the headland on Sunday.

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