She’s a walking miracle

Published: June 4, 2008 | 7119th good news item since 2003

DODDINGTON Rector Val Fernandez is walking tall after under-going a miracle during a recent Christian conference.
The sixty-year-old reverend had suffered with one leg being shorter than the other for 50 years after injuring her left limb in an accident at the age of 10.

But when a group of people at the New Wine Conference in Harrogate started to pray for Val for help with arthritis in her ‘good’ leg she started to feel something happening.

Although the prayers were being said for the pain in her ‘good’ right leg Val started to feel discomfort in her shorter left leg.

“It felt like my leg wanted to go somewhere and there was no room for it. Someone suggested taking my shoes off and it felt better,” explained Val, who also noticed she could put her heel on the floor.

“My left leg had been one-and-a-half inches shorter since the accident. I fell off my bike and a few days later I started to have a lot of pain. I went to the doctor and was told I should try to use my leg as much as possible – which I did.

“Unfortunately this caused awful damage. My leg ended up being shorter and I had to wear special built-up shoes on my left foot to compensate.

“I have had two hip replacements as a result of the damage caused and I walked with a limp despite the special shoes,” said Val.

But after the prayer experience at the conference Val was convinced her shorter leg had grown.

“I didn’t say anything much to anyone. I told a few close friends, but I wanted to have it confirmed first.

“I knew I had a hospital appointment to get some new shoes built up so when I went for this appointment I told the man responsible for organising the building up of my shoes that I thought my leg had grown.

“He asked me to walk with my shoes on and off and, although I still walked with a limp, there was no real difference between how I walked with or without my shoes. He said my leg had grown an inch.

“It is still half-an-inch shorter but he told me your body can naturally compensate for this and he said I didn’t need the raisers in my shoes any more.

“That was two weeks ago. I’m picking up my shoes this week and they will have had the raisers removed.

“I have just bought myself a dainty pair of pink shoes and for the first time I can choose whatever shoes I like without having to worry whether they are suitable to be built up.

“God does heal people. It is not just stories in the Bible, he is still doing things to help people,” said Val, who firmly believes she has undergone a miracle thanks to the power of prayer.

“There is no other explanation for what has happened. The man at the hospital could not explain it. I still limp slightly, but it is something and nothing,” she concluded.

She has contacted the conference organisers who have congratulated Val on her ‘fantastic news’.

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