Families Count Blessings In Wake Of Tornado

Published: June 3, 2008 | 7108th good news item since 2003

A Hancock County family say it’s a testament to the power of prayer.

When a twister hit the Keefe home, they had barely finished praying a second “our father.”

“You want to know how long a tornado lasts? About to the end of the lord’s prayer, that’s how long,” said Erick Keefe.

Keefe says his mood isn’t horrible, because they survived. His wife and children escaped to the basement early Saturday morning as the tornado cut an eight mile path in northwest Ohio.

A path that includes destroying his dad’s home next door.

Ann Keefe says both families are unhurt as they lookover what remains from the twisters damage.

The insurance company says both farm houses are a total loss.

The tornado threw their belongings to the surround farmlands even nearby trees, and neighbors came to try and help put it all back together, reported ONN’s Dan Weist.

“She’s from my home town,” says Cindy Brooks, who was one person helping.

Brooks like many others over the last few days just came to help. Other neighbors have arrived in droves with offers of assistance.

“I’ll try to keep my composure but they just came out of the woodwork,” said Erick Keefe.

Even after what has rained down on them, both families have hoisted flags and proclaimed their gratitude to those, divine and otherwise helping them to start anew.

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