Dog Back from the Dead Reunited With Owners

Published: May 31, 2008 | 7083rd good news item since 2003

A dog that was assumed to be dead was reunited recently with its overjoyed owners after an absence of three years.Salisbury District Council Dog Warden Mrs Sam Stuchfield was called to Salisbury Police Station recently to collect a stray dog.

The dog, a terrier type bitch had been handed in at the Police station, when Sam scanned the dog using her AVID Mini-Tracker II, a microchip was discovered.

On ringing the microchip data-base, Sam was stunned to hear that the Terrier had been reported missing three years ago and was assumed to be dead.

The overjoyed owners from the village of Landford in Wiltshire were contacted and they rushed to Hillcrest Kennels near Salisbury to collect their long lost dog.

The Terrier had been found in the Great Wishford area of Salisbury approximately 18 miles from Landford where she had disappeared in 2005.

Had she been stolen or had she been ‘found’ and not reported to the authorities, unless anybody can ever shed light on this, it will remain a mystery?

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