Miracle man a smart nickname for survivor

Published: May 14, 2008 | 7052nd good news item since 2003

In the past two years, his wife, Merlie, and their seven children have said “goodbye” to him four times, most recently last month.
Each time it has been unnecessary.

Mr Smart had a hip replacement in February at the Burnie hospital but was rushed back two months later with internal bleeding.

“(The doctors) couldn’t stop the bleeding,” Mrs Smart said.

“They led us to believe he was bleeding to death and they didn’t know how to stop it.”

Medical staff told Mrs Smart to contact her family, which includes children in Western Australia.

“It took two days for them to get here. We had to hope he hung on.”

He did.

Mr and Mrs Smart struggle to convey their gratitude to the hospital staff that “brought him back to life”.

They have sent chocolates but they say that is not enough.

“The doctors were there 24 hours a day and they stopped the bleeding. They brought him back,” Mrs Smart said.

“I certainly believe in miracles because I’ve seen one happen, but it wouldn’t have happened if the doctors didn’t do what they did.”

It was the second time Mrs Smart thought she was losing her husband of 54 years.

Two years ago, Mr Smart was admitted to the Launceston General Hospital after a heart attack and a few days later with intense pain caused by a haemorrhage.

Again, the family was called to say goodbye – twice.

“I was given a 50-50 chance of coming out of it,” Mr Smart said.

Going through the ordeal then was trying on the family, who had prepared themselves for the worst.

But to face the same situation only two years later, Mrs Smart said was hard.

The Smarts said the support they received at the Burnie hospital helped them through.

“There was a male nurse who sat with me for four nights, he never left my side,” Mr Smart said.

And it seems the experience has also left an impression at the hospital.

Mrs Smart said when she rang recently and mentioned her husband’s name the reply was “ah the miracle man”.

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