Honesty: What would you do?

Published: May 13, 2008 | 7043rd good news item since 2003

Fox TV in Evansville, IN did a small test: how many people would pocket some “lost” money?

Julie Dolan:

Prices across the board are on the rise, from food to fuel, so what would you do to have a little extra cash in your pocket? Would you take money at the expense of someone else?

“Without honesty the world would be in a lot worse shape than it is now.”

David Scott of Evansville returned the money I purposefully dropped out of my purse. He, like dozens of others on Main Street, felt honesty was the answer.

“I want the person to do like I would do them if I drop something I would want them to tell me.”

What happens, though, when items are dropped and no ones around to claim them.

We found two lost and founds in Evansville, that officials say stay pretty busy.

“We get items every week, wallets, glasses, personal items.”

Officer Shawn Smith says they try to return items to their owners if possible, but when things of minimal value, like pocket knives and lighters, aren’t claimed they eventually throw them out.

When it comes to turning in money, both lost and founds have had some luck.

“There was a wallet turned in that had 800 dollars in it.”

“We did have an envelope turned in with 500 dollars in it.”

All the money was returned to rightful owners, like the money I dropped was continuously returned to me.

“It’s amazing the honesty of people because the person was just an average person.”

After hours of testing, we didn’t find one resident who pocketed the few bills… It seems that these folks are getting ahead the honest way

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