Lost dog is reunited with family

Published: May 9, 2008 | 7001st good news item since 2003

A family’s concerns over their lost dog, Sonya, are now put to bed as she was found not far from where she escaped. She is currently resting at a veterinarian’s office until she can join her family in Thailand for a cheerful reunion.

Larry and Apollo Lavergne were planning to move to Thailand April 14. They scheduled an appointment with Animal Port Houston to pick up their animals and meet them at the airport the next day for their flight.

Animal Port Houston is an animal transit station located at Bush Intercontinental Airport, specializing in safe and gentle pet and animal shipping for local, domestic and international relocations.

“We were flying out April 15 and the night before, the kennel let the dogs out for a walk and to use the bathroom,” Larry Lavergne said.

“Our 9-year-old rat terrier mix, Sonya, is a fast runner and when she is in a new environment she tends to get scared and run. We warned Animal Port Houston about this when they picked the animals up that day.”

Sonya got loose from the handlers at the kennel but has since been found and is awaiting a reunion with her family who had to move to Thailand April 26.

The Lavergnes were notified late the night before their morning flight that one of their dogs had gotten loose, prompting them to delay the move in order to track her down.

“The next morning we went to Animal Port Houston to see what had happened. Then we made flyers and passed them out in case someone may have seen her running around. We received plenty of calls about sightings and thankfully she was found,” Larry said.

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