Five girls rescued from raft on river

Published: May 9, 2008 | 7006th good news item since 2003

Five Woodward County girls were rescued Monday morning, a day after they went missing on the North Canadian River, said Matt Lehenbauer, county emergency management director.

“We don’t have much information such as where the girls are from but we do know they are OK,” Lehenbauer said.

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol helicopter pilot spotted the girls floating on the raft in an area near Mutual, he said. The river level was so low, the pilot saw one girl pulling the raft, Lehenbauer said.

Authorities were stationed at a bridge downstream where they rescued the girls, he said.

The girls reportedly went on a float trip down the river Sunday afternoon and were last seen about noon.

“It appears the girls failed to call their parents,” Lehenbauer said.

Lehenbauer said the biggest concern before the girls were found was that an escaped prisoner is still missing in the area.

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