Miracle baby heads home

Published: March 24, 2008 | 6947th good news item since 2003

If he were born to another generation, Remy Syminton wouldn’t have survived.

He was delivered on December 28, 2007, just 25 weeks into mum Geraldine Smith’s pregnancy

Without the high tech help he got first at Auckland hospital, then at North Shore’s special care baby unit, he would have died.

“He’s a real miracle,” says Mrs Smith.

“It’s very fortunate he is so well taken care of. He loves the nurses. It’s obvious.”

Although he is three months old, Remy is still short of his birth due date of April 5.

He spent time in an incubator to keep him alive, before being moved to North Shore Hospital at seven weeks old.

There he was placed on a heat table, as he was still not ready to be moved into a normal cot.

A machine called Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or CPAP, kept him breathing by putting pressure on his lungs for 10 weeks.

He is still on oxygen, though he has improved to the point he is about to go home.

“We’re enjoying every minute we can have with him,” says Mrs Smith.

Special care baby unit nurse Deb Mulhol-
land says it’s amazing to see the progress Remy has made.

He is just one of hundreds of success stories coming out of the unit, she says.

It cares for 340 to 390 North Shore babies every year, and last year ran at an average of more than 90 percent occupancy.

Despite that, it faces a tough battle buying new equipment amid intense competition for government health funding.

Ms Mulholland is hoping to raise money for a new heated cot and other equipment by hosting a fashion show on April 5.

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