Brave dad in fire rescue drama

Published: March 24, 2008 | 6941st good news item since 2003

A FELIXSTOWE (UK) man has commended his son’s bravery and quick thinking after he rescued his family from a house fire.

The drama began when one of Marc Caisley’s two young children moved a plastic toy onto the hob of the kitchen stove – and the other child turned it on.

Alerted to the blaze by his children Mr Caisley rushed everyone to a neighbour’s house and then ran back inside the house to rescue the family dog.

He had to be treated for smoke inhalation but fire officers told him his quick actions had helped save the rest of the house from ruin.

The fire broke out at the house in Blyford Way, Felixstowe at around 12.30pm yesterday.

Two fire crews from Felixstowe were sent to the scene and the blaze was under control by 12.55 pm.

Marc’s father, Robert Caisley, 52, said: “One of the kids went into the kitchen and moved a toy onto the hob. The other one is always turning the oven on and this time it caused a fire.”

Mr Caisley’s son and daughter immediately ran upstairs to tell their father who leapt into action, making sure the fire stayed isolated in the kitchen – which was just six weeks old.

Mr Caisley said: “The fire officer said he had done the right thing by limiting the fire to the kitchen.

“The fire brigade were marvellous and got here straight away.”

Mr Caisley is staying at his father’s house with his family until the house is deemed safe to return to.

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