Sinking horse rescued

Published: November 13, 2007 | 6839th good news item since 2003

William Shakespeare wrote in his play “Cymbeline” the line ‘O for a horse with wings’.

But on Sunday, a Liberty, Texas horse named ‘Old Lady’ probably wished she had wings.

‘Old Lady’ who is 27-years-old, got out of her fenced area and into a neighbor’s septic tank.

The horse’s rear got stuck so firefighters were called to help her out.

The confined area kept them from bringing equipment in.

So they put a strap under the horse’s rear, and like a tug-o-war, they pulled ‘old lady’ out of the septic tank.

After resting for a few minutes the horse went and got a bath.

‘Old Lady’ was stuck in the septic tank for about 90 minutes.

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