Dog’s Recovery Amazes Vets

Published: November 12, 2007 | 6833rd good news item since 2003

Four months after motorists watched him being dragged behind a car, the terrier mix veterinarians nicknamed “Sparky” is ready to be adopted.

“His recovery has been nothing short of miraculous,” said Carolyn Baars with Atlanta Pet Rescue.

The people who found Sparky brought him to Atlanta Pet Rescue. Baar’s colleagues in turn rushed him to a local vet where doctors admitted they had never seen injuries quite so serious.

Sparky’s four paws were gone. He no longer had pads or nails on them. Nearly two thirds of his body was covered with deep road rash.

There was debate about putting him down, but even in excruciating pain the dog was wagging his tail and trying to lick his handlers.

They decided to do what they could by stitching up what they could and cleaning and bandaging everything else. They also put the dog on a host of antibiotics and used what they call a pain patch to continuously release heavy doses of pain medication.

The dog that so patiently sat still through all of that earned the name Sparky for what the vets and staff could only describe as a spark in his eyes that told them he wanted to live.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been four months. They had said he was going to need six to eight weeks to recover and even then some of his wounds might not heal. But look, he’s bounced back and is almost totally healed,” said Baars.

Baars is one of two members of Atlanta Pet Rescue who took Sparky home for 24-hour care during what she says can only be described as touch and go for the first several weeks. He is now ready to be adopted and there is a long list of families in Metro Atlanta who want him.

Initially, 24 people submitted applications to adopt Sparky. Staff at Atlanta Pet Rescue has narrowed the list down to twelve. Each will have one-on-one visits with Sparky to see how he interacts with them, their children and any other pets they may have.

They hope to announce Sparky’s new owners by next Tuesday.

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