Reunited: Lost dog mystery solved

Published: November 7, 2007 | 6815th good news item since 2003

Zeus, a purebred standard poodle, has been returned to his owners after a search that spanned Virginia and Michigan.

Zeus was found Oct. 20 by Virginia’s Chesterfield County Animal Control with damaged tags that officials originally thought said, “Bedford Township, Michigan.”

Animal control officials released the news to media in both Virginia and Michigan, plastering TV sets and newspapers in both states with Zeus’ smiling photo. The dog’s owner saw her pet in the news and called animal control.

Now Zeus is reunited with Stephanie Ducre of Chesterfield. The dog actually was from Redford Township, a Detroit suburb. Ducre’s brother lives there and gave the dog to his sister about eight months ago.

“The dog went missing about two weeks ago,” Stephanie’s daughter, Savannah, 15, said. “We were outside (with Zeus) and my brother turned his back for one second, and we turned back around and the dog was gone.”

After two weeks of calling, asking and looking around for their pet, the Virginia family is happy to have him back.

“We’re quite excited,” she said. “He’s been truly missed.”

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