A happy ending to dog’s tale

Published: November 7, 2007 | 6816th good news item since 2003

IT’S like a scene from Mission: Impossible. For dogs.

Jasper, a 15-year-old Labrador cross, managed to open a set of French doors, tunnel under a fence, walk to the Metro station, get on a Metro and travel eight stops from Whitley Bay to Four Lane Ends before being picked up.

He was then taken to the Newcastle Cat and Dog shelter – from where he was rescued 13 years ago – and picked up by his relieved owner Kim Ashby, who had been desperately trying to find him.

Kim, 49, a catering manager, of Norham Road, Whitley Bay, said she was perplexed by the route her pet had taken as she never walks that way with him.

She said: “We were all very upset when he went missing. He is such a lovely dog.

“He has tried to escape before but we’ve always been able to find him. This time, though, we thought he had gone for good.”

Kim, who is married to Les, 47, a plasterer, and has two children, Thomas, 16, and Ashley, 22, said the dog must have escaped in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Kim, who also owns another dog, Dallas, eight, a Weimaraner, said: “I got up just after 5am and went down to see the dogs but Jasper had gone and the door was open.

“I went outside and saw that he had dug under the fence into next door’s garden so I went looking for him.

“I looked all over the normal routes we take together and he was nowhere to be seen. I didn’t even bother going to the Metro Station at Whitley Bay because we don’t go up there.

“I eventually phoned the Cat and Dog shelter and they told me they had him, but I couldn’t believe where he had been.”

Kim said: “Apparently a woman reported seeing a very friendly dog on the Metro and told the staff who got in contact with the dog warden, who brought him to the shelter.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to that woman for what she did. We are all very grateful.”

Sharon Newman, volunteer co-ordinator at the Newcastle Cat and Dog centre, said: “We are delighted they have been reunited. It’s funny that Jasper made his way back here after so long. Perhaps he just wanted to say hello.

“We would recommend any pet owner to have their pet micro-chipped.”

A spokesman for Nexus, who run the Metro, said: “We are pleased that the dog has been safely reunited with its owner and that the story has had a happy ending.”

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