Duke the goose returned to pond

Published: November 6, 2007 | 6805th good news item since 2003

He’s back. Duke, the goose, that is.

Duke, aka Walter, Pineapple and Goosey, was returned sometime Wednesday to his home on a pond at Quail Ridge Ranch in Sonora.

Duke disappeared on Oct. 16 during an apparent daylight goosenapping.

“I just heard on my way home from work,” said Duke’s owner, Darren Holman with glee in his voice.

“Now we know, for sure, it was fowl play,” Holman said of Duke’s return.

The mystery of Duke’s disappearance was the subject of a Union Democrat story Oct. 29. Because Duke liked to walk on the road and crisscross between neighbors’ yards Holman speculated that someone probably believed Duke was neglected and in danger and decided to take him to a safer location.

Whoever took him did not know that Holman incubated Duke, and three other geese, four years ago and has raised and cared for him since.

When Duke went missing, the e-mail messages in the homeowners’ association accelerated speculating on what happened to him and what could be done to have him returned.

“This is a success story,” Holman said.

Duke seems to have been well cared for and well fed during his absence from his pond, Holman noted.

“He’s a little skittish,” Holman said, of Duke’s behavior, but Duke was back patrolling the expanse of lawn in front of the pond where he resides as well as walking along the road.

“It’s neat when it works out this way,” Holman exclaimed.

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