Pre-mature babies reunited at place of birth

Published: October 29, 2007 | 6781st good news item since 2003

Eugene – Hundreds of special little children and their parents gathered for a party at Sacred Heart Medical Center Saturday.

From twin babies to toddlers, these children came dressed in their Halloween finest. But it wasn’t just a spooky celebration, it was a reunion!

These kids and their families are celebrating the lives of babies that were born pre-maturely at Sacred Heart’s Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. Officials say it’s a way of celebrating the babies growing up healthy and strong.

“It helps them see other babies and how well other babies are doing and it helps parents to meet other parents to connect with each other and get support,” says registered nurse Barbara Johnson.

This is the 30-th annual reunion. The Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit was established in 1977.

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