Wallet lost and returned, with a twist

Published: October 23, 2007 | 6744th good news item since 2003

On Aug. 28 I had the misfortune of losing my wallet. Within two hours and after contacting credit card companies it became evident that my card had been fraudulently used. Thus began the long process of cancelling not only my credit cards but also government cards, health card, birth certificate, etc. It was indeed quite a surprise to find on Aug. 30, my wallet had been left between my front doors.

Although I had been victimized by someone, they left a note of apology and monies to cover the cash and their misuse of my credit cards. This was indeed a nice albeit unusual gesture and I very much appreciated receiving my wallet with all my personal cards and photos back.

Judging by the apology letter left it seems the person responsible for the crime was influenced by a friend to use the cards. Her fiancee, however, when finding out what she had done, advised her to try and make things right. Fortunately, for her and for me, she took the advice of her fiancee.

I hope she was sincere when she said she had learned her lesson, because being young she has a long life ahead of her and certainly doesn’t need any black marks against her.

Finally to her fiancee. It is nice to know that there are honest people in the world.

Hats off to you!

Helen Marchment


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