Hailed as hero for saving officer

Published: October 23, 2007 | 6745th good news item since 2003

An RCMP auxiliary officer is the talk of the town at Peguis First Nation for saving an RCMP officer from being drowned in a ditch Saturday afternoon.

The female officer was handcuffing a man when he allegedly pushed her to the ground and rolled her into a watery ditch. He was pushing her face underwater as off-duty auxiliary officer Dave Raynor was driving by.

He saw the struggle and slammed on the brakes, telling his step-daughter to stay put while he took off after the man.

“He was pushing her head under the water. I stopped and jumped out of the car and he stopped right there and then he was running down the highway.”

Raynor chased down the man and detained him until the officer could finish cuffing him.

“I knew he had to be detained and I chased him about 80 yards. He was still resisting arrest when I tackled him to the ground,” said Raynor, 28.
Raynor was born and raised at Peguis where he holds down a job as youth worker when he’s not on duty as an auxiliary police officer.

The officer was not injured and the community of nearly 6,000 is hailing Raynor as a hero.

“My hat’s off to Dave. He’s young and strong,” said Anna Marie Prince who works at the Shop Easy family diner.

The diner is located in a mall at Peguis, near the location where the struggle and the rescue played out.

It was a busy Saturday afternoon and dozens of shoppers at the mall witnessed the event.

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