Family Reunited After 22 Years

Published: October 22, 2007 | 6726th good news item since 2003

A nightmare that lasted 22 years is now over. A Blackfoot family has been reunited after their son was allegedly kidnapped by his father and taken to Mexico.

Erasmo Martinez was raised in Mexico and always knew he had family in Blackfoot. In a strange twist of fate, he was forced to come back to the states where he ended up finding his family, 22 years later. A family a bigger than he thought.

“I had no idea where he was,” said Johnna Salinas, Erasmo’s Mother.

That was until last week.

“They stole my identity, my name and used a different picture,” Erasmo Martinez.

Martinez came to Utah to clear his name after someone stole his identity, and he knew he had family in Blackfoot, so he set out to find them.

“So he decided while he was here he would look for us and see what he could find.”

After some searching, a reunion but his search was for 2 sisters and his mom, when he caught up with the family, he found out he had another sister.

“So happy, I thought I only had 2 sisters, now I have 3,” said Martinez.

It’s larger than he thought, but he’s happy after 22 years he finally gets to know his family, and they get to meet the brother they never had, but could’ve used.

“I think our lives would’ve been different if we would’ve had a brother, we maybe wouldn’t have gotten in so much trouble, we would’ve grown different,” said Sasha Martinez, Erasmo’s youngest sister.

And the family has no hard feelings toward his father, who still lives in Mexico.

“When I seen him everything went bye bye, I mean its like I was angry, oh you bet I was angry, but now he’s here now I don’t care anymore, I got him,” said Johnna Salinas, Erasmo’s Mother.

Erasmo has only know the family for a week, but has already taken an active roll in their lives.

“He tells me what’s right and what’s wrong but if feels good, because I never had that from a brother, I had 2 sisters but not a guy figure in my life,” said Sasha Martinez.

Well the family is almost complete, Erasmo was married in Mexico a little more than a year ago, and now he’s planning to have another wedding here in Idaho, so his mom and sisters can be in it.

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