Angel in disguise returns wallet with valuables

Published: October 22, 2007 | 6743rd good news item since 2003

This is the story of an angel in disguise.

I was participating in the Spoon River Drive. I stopped to purchase some shutters at a garage sale in Hanna City. While I was loading the truck, my billfold fell out of my pocket. It contained my engagement ring, wedding band, cash and my cherished mother’s ring.

Of everything that was lost, my mother’s ring meant the most to me. It was given to me by my three children, and shortly after they gave it to me my oldest son passed away.

Thank God for Mary Englebrecht. She found my billfold, and she tracked me down all the way to Benton, Mo. She called me on Monday and by Thursday I had everything back.

Mary has reaffirmed my faith in people and that God does answer prayers. There are good, trustworthy people walking among us. They are angels in disguise and they come in every shape and form. When you see them, you don’t know they are an angel but when they touch your life you are very blessed. Mary Englebrecht is my angel. God bless you, Mary.


Benton, Mo.

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