Man Shocked By Power Lines Survives

Published: August 29, 2007 | 6704th good news item since 2003

Roger Bennet, who was airlifted to Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh after being shocked by power lines, was back home Wednesday and shared what he remembered with NEWS9.

Bennet was on the maintenance crew at Brooke Hills Park for only about a month and his duties included cutting grass and removing branches.

“We…went to the road to fix the limbs,” Bennet said. “I threw it off and that’s all I remember.”

The 26-year-old didn’t remember the 6,900 volts that went through his body.

Bennet’s mother, Laura, got a call that her son was hurt.

“My husband said he was electrocuted,” Laura said. “I got there just in time to give him a kiss and tell him I loved him.”

Then medics rushed Bennet to Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh where doctors in neurotrauma monitored his heartbeat and brain functioning.

“They was in there checking me out, making sure (there were) no burns, kept an eye on my heart,” Bennet said. “I was fine.”

Bennet’s family said it was a miracle that Roger is still alive.

“It’s a miracle,” Laura said. “And you have no idea what it’s like until it happens to you.”

Bennet said he doesn’t plan on going by any power lines anytime soon.

“I ain’t going near power lines again,” Bennet said. “If there’s a branch hanging over a line? I’ll get someone else to get it.”

Laura said she thinks the electricity left her son’s body through his left leg because of a mark left there.

Bennet said he plans on going back to work.

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