Abandoned Dogs Being Rescued By One East Texas Woman

Published: August 28, 2007 | 6666th good news item since 2003

They were found abandoned and starving to death, but now some East Texas dogs have found their saving grace. A month ago KLTV told you about more than a dozen dogs dumped at an East Texas plant. Saturday, they’re being rescued, all thanks to the generosity of East Texans and one in particular.

The dogs were found emaciated and in poor health at the M&H Crate Company on FM 347, just south of Jacksonville, but one East Texas woman is doing all she can to save the dogs. She just needs a little more help from you. Everyday Pat Phlieger of Dialville would drive past the M&H crate-making company and see more than a dozen dogs just dumped, left hungry and homeless.

“It’s unmerciful to drop them here,” said Phlieger. “It’s the worst thing you can do for the dog, it’s the worst thing you could do.” Pat decided to do something about it, and now there are five less dogs scraping by to survive.

“As an animal lover and just as a member of this community, I cannot watch this continue, so I’ve made it my personal mission to make sure that these dogs are taken care of, whatever I have to do,” said Phlieger. She’s done a lot like feeding them and raising a thousand dollars for their medical expenses.

“They are just the sweetest dogs,” said Phlieger. She’s even opened her own home to two of the sick dogs. One puppy was picked up Saturday morning by Phlieger and her husband, and brought to a local veterinarian where it will be saved from what could have been a very painful life.

“He’s pretty wormy,” said local vet Dr. Ira Stephens. “He’s covered in fleas, but otherwise his health looks pretty good.” Stephens is the vet working with Phlieger to get the dogs healthy and up for adoption.

“What we’re trying to do now is find homes for them,” said Stephens. “We sure need someone that would be willing to take some of these dogs.”

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