Mineola Woman Hoping To Reunite With Her “Angel”

Published: August 23, 2007 | 6689th good news item since 2003

A day on the lake is usually synonymous with family fun. But the tide began to turn for Rachel Hohensee when the floatie they brought with them starting drifting away.

“I went and got it, brought it back. Started playing with it again. Next thing I knew it was back where it was,” says Rachel.

So she began swimming after it again. It appeared to be just a few feet away.

“I was like well I can swim that far it was no big deal.”

But little did Rachel know that as she was swimming closer and closer to the floatie it was sailing further and further away from her.

Next thing she knew she was beyond the bowie in the water and she knew she was in a danger zone.

“A little bit before she started screaming, she turned and looked and you could see desperation [in her face]. Like ‘I’m not going to make it’, just the look on her face,” Rachel’s husband Ronnie describes.

Rachel adds, “I kept telling myself that same thing over and over, surely someone could hear me. Just a few more seconds, someone’s got to get here. But I didn’t know anyone was coming until he was actually to me.”

The “he” Rachel is referring to was a total stranger who jumped out of his raft to save her.

“But after just a few seconds he said, ‘I’m fixin to drown. I can’t stay up.’ And I looked back and there was no one close enough and he said ‘Hold on just a minute stay here I’ll be right back,'” says Rachel.

“He went further to get the floatie. He reached out and grabbed it and flung it behind him and it just happened to go right to her,” says Ronnie.

Then more help would arrive. Rachel would get the first name of the man who saved her life, Chris. But she says there’s so much more she didn’t get to say.

“Thank you so much. The fact that he risked his life to save my life… he’s a hero. He may not feel like it but he is.”

Ronnie adds, “My heart goes out to this kid there is no words for it.”

If Chris is watching, Rachel is hoping to get in contact with him again. A reunion that would be the perfect end to what could have been a tragic story.

Again, Rachel was rescued on June 19th on Lake Holbrook. The incident happened late in the afternoon that day. Rachel believes Chris was about 19-24 years old.

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