Friends reunited after 46 years

Published: August 23, 2007 | 6679th good news item since 2003

Two school friends who have lived at opposite ends of the globe for more than 45 years have been reunited and are hoping to find some other familiar faces.

Jeanette Babb and Kathleen Walton, now both 67, have known each other since they met at Northicote High School in Wolverhampton in the 1950s.

Shortly afterwards Kath’s family moved to Nottingham when she was only 15 but the classmates made a promise to keep in touch.

However, six years later they were separated even further when Kathleen fell in love with a New Zealander and emigrated.

The pair kept in touch by writing regularly.

Grandmother-of-two Mrs Babb from Bilbrook, Wolverhampton, said: “I remember when Kath left all my friends said: ‘Why are you promising to write to that girl? You’ll never do it’. But I had made a promise.”

Mrs Walton, who was a hospital receptionist in New Zealand before retiring, is on a visit to the Midlands.

In preparation she found some old class pictures from her primary school days at Oxley Primary school in Bushbury Lane, Wolverhampton.

One shows the school recorder group pictured with teacher Miss Lunn and the other is a class shot with Miss Grove the headmistress.

Grandmother-of-six Mrs Walton, who lives in New Plymouth in New Zealand, said: “We both have very happy memories of secondary school but when I found all these pictures from my primary days I had to stare at the faces for a long time before any on the names came back to me.

“I would love to get in touch with them. Hopefully someone will remember me from my maiden name of Davey.

“I have very happy memories of Wolverhampton and it all comes flooding back to me when I am here.”

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