Mother and son rescue five people from flooded cars

Published: August 9, 2007 | 6709th good news item since 2003

A total of five people were rescued from their cars by two heroes that turned out to be a mother and her son.

The first rescue happened on July 31 at the wash near Glenn St. and Wilson Ave. Sharron Carl and her caretaker came across the wash and started to drive through. That’s when their white Cadillac stalled and started floating backwards. 16 year old Kevin Mangham saw the car, bolted to the wash and tossed an 8 foot rope to the two, saving their lives.

Then, one week later on August 6, another storm ripped through Tucson. The same wash at Glenn and Wilson became flooded. This time, a mom and her two children were trapped. That’s when Kevin Mangham’s mother saw the car and rushed to the family’s rescue.

Stephanie Dayton takes a walk with her son Kevin Mangham, right through a wash that was once flooded and running. It’s right next to their home.

Kevin describes the car he found on July 31: “It got totally swept down by that water.” He was 16 at the time and knew they needed help. “The water was in over their heads. There was no way we could have left them in that car for much longer.”

He and two other men jumped in and pulled the couple out. Then, days later, Stephanie does the same thing.

Inside the car were a mom and her two kids. “I think she went this way but it turns, remember it’s slowly turning, I am running alongside and shouting to her, ‘Get your windows down! Get your seat belt off!”

And it worked. “I was afraid when she passed me… The children, I was terribly afraid of them passing through my hands. The water was running very fast.”

The water gets especially high here because there’s really no where for it go except through a very narrow tunnel.

And the water was deep, as Kevin recalled, “Maybe here, high thigh something like that.” For Stephanie it was, “Pretty much neck level.”

No doubt it was risky, but worth it, Kevin said, “I just did what I thought was right.”

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