The Story of Us – Reunited after 9 years

Published: August 8, 2007 | 6636th good news item since 2003

My parents, Lynne and John Newman of Chambersburg, Pa., spend part of the year here in Rochester. This year they will be celebrating their 35th anniversary with us on July 7. My mother tells this story about how they met:

“My husband and I had known each other in high school, but just in passing as we shared some classes together. Then, in 1963, we went on our senior trip to Washington, D.C., about two hours from our homes in Chambersburg, Pa. While traveling together during the three-day trip, we became better friends as we found we had so much in common.

“On the last day in Washington, our class took a cruise on a steamboat to an amusement park. We hung around together while traveling on the boat and at the amusement park. It had been known for years that kids who were ‘going together’ would go up to the top deck of the ship on the way back from the park and sit in the lounges and ‘neck.’ So of course, up we went and like every other kid on that deck, we necked.

“After the trip I was on my way to college and he was on his way to live with his father in Washington, D.C., where he joined the U.S. Navy. In 1971 he returned to Chambersburg to live with his mother and get a job. I had been living and working in Philadelphia when I was in an automobile accident and had to come home to recuperate.

“Both my husband and I (individually) decided to join the community theater, he as an actor and I as a crew and construction member. While working together on a play called Who Was That Lady, we met again. Normally, cast and crew did not hang out together, with the cast often going out with each other after rehearsals and the crew doing the same. But as we began to get to know each other again, we seemed always to end up going out together.

“Three months later, on July 7, 1972, we were married. There was never a proposal; it was just something that we assumed would happen. My husband has always said we dated during the last days of high school, fell in love and then went away from each other for nine years to see if it was real. I can honestly say the happiest years of my life have been the 35 years I have spent with my husband.”

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