Angels help couple after van stalls

Published: August 2, 2007 | 6562nd good news item since 2003

We were pulling out of the Freedom gas station at the foot of Creve Coeur Hill when we heard a loud noise coming from our van.

We pulled into the turn lane. The van decided to start again, so we began pulling into the gas station again. As we did, the van stopped right in the middle of the lane of traffic. We got out and told drivers coming toward us that it wouldn’t start and to go around us. It just happened to be the very busiest time of day and many cars had to stop and take their turn to go around us.

Then, four of God’s angels came to our rescue. One young man was named Cody. One young lady was named Chrissy, I think, who was with the young man. They went out and began to push the van toward the station. Then, a third angel, a young man in a white car, stopped as well. A little later, another angel stopped and asked if she could please take us into East Peoria, if we needed a ride. We told her we had called a tow truck and that our daughter would let us use her car, as she worked at the station.

The four of you will never know how very much we appreciated all you did that day to help us. Being in our 70s, I am afraid our pushing a van days are behind us. We could not stop praising all of you to our daughter and our other family members when we got home. We also asked our Lord to especially bless each one of you for your kindness to us. Please accept our gratitude and know we will pass along your kindness in a way we can do so. You and your families have every right to be proud!

Thank you so much!

M & D

East Peoria

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