Baby Born 17 Weeks Premature Continues To Grow

Published: July 5, 2007 | 6504th good news item since 2003

To many people she is known as ‘The Miracle Baby’ because when she was born 17 weeks premature she was smaller than a soda can.

Now, as Jessica Kartalija reports, little Ryleigh McCormick has beaten the odds and is now growing into a healthy little girl.

Five months after her birth, Ryleigh went back to the hospital where she was born for a routine eye exam.

Doctors at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center weighed Ryleigh in at eight pounds, something they called a miracle in and of itself.

“When she came out, we were thinking that usually babies under 500 grams don’t make it. So we were all kind of thinking she wasn’t going to survive,” said nurse Kelly Reed from GBMC’s Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit.

Reed described caring for Ryleigh saying she helped her with, “breathing, giving her blood products, [and] fluids.” Reed added, “You know, you get to the point where you have to teach them how to eat.”

At birth, Ryleigh’s entire arm was the length of her father’s finger. Her body easily fit inside some of the holiday stockings that were hanging in the McCormicks’ home.

Ryleigh’s parents said their daughter is an inspiration not only for them but also for anyone fighting tough odds.

“It’s been a long journey and she has been my inspiration,” said proud dad Anthony McCormick. “If she can go through what she went through for the past five months, I can accomplish anything.”

“She is a fighter,” said mom Angela McCormick. “It just lets me know that anything in the world is not possible unless you fight for it.”

After birth, Ryleigh McCormick was at GBMC for 115 days.

She is now living a happy and healthy life back at home with her parents and four sisters.

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