‘Miracle’ project is about community

Published: May 2, 2007 | 6151st good news item since 2003

The idea behind “Miracle League” fields for disabled children is simple: Give a chance to play baseball to kids who otherwise probably never would have the opportunity.

Since the Rotary Clubs of Rockdale County, Ga., launched a project in their backyard 10 years ago, the concept has taken off. As of a year ago, there were 41 specially constructed rubberized fields across the country and another 61 under construction.

Now Tallahassee is on deck, with both of our local governments stepping up to the plate.

The fields enable children in wheelchairs and other disabled kids to play ball. That’s no small thing: Disabled people frequently find that access to a wide range of recreational activity is extremely limited to them.

Here in Tallahassee, it’s not a done deal yet. The county has committed $75,000 to the project, and the city has pledged the use of Field No. 3 at the Messer North Softball Complex, as well as utilities and maintenance services.

The Tallahassee Kiwanis Club, which is coordinating local fundraising for the $250,000 project, still needs another $150,000 to make this “Miracle” for special-needs children happen.

But Tallahasseeans frequently remind themselves that this is a special community. Here’s a chance to make it even more so.

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